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Photo Credits



Special thanks! to the many breeders, owners and Clubs worldwide, who donated use of their photos for this project.  Their beautiful dogs bring this tutorial, and the breed standard, to life!   This tutorial would not be possible without their generosity and cooperation.

The following is a list of the breeders, owners and photographers whose photos appear in this tutorial.  As you go through the tutorial, you may view the name of the dog in each photo by holding your cursor over the picture.

Mia Johnsson, Cantabile Cesky Terriers, Finland (Cantabile Penelope, Cantabile Miro, Sotnosar's Chyba, Cantabile Mitzi)

Sheila Atter, Ridley Cesky Terriers, UK (Ridley Hadka, Ridley Zazrak, Ridley Iza, Laska Kvitko)

Charlotte Froonvan Bodasca Cesky Terriers, Netherlands (Yasinia Boheme van Bodasca, Nadia Boheme van Bodasca, group photo of van Bodasca Cesky Terriers)

Anne Reeves, DeMilo Kennels, Australia (Resinous Never a Dull Moment)

Anitta & Pia Cavonius, Sotnosar Cesky Terriers, Finland (Sotnosar's Nimrod, Sotnosar's Chandra, Sotnosar's Ladislava, Yasinia Boheme van Bodasca) 

Ales Machan and Lenka Zakova, Melina  Bohemica Kennels, Czech Republic (Black Melina Bohemica, Alfa Melina Bohemica)

Norina Evans, Pendevour Kennels, UK (Pendevour Dion)

Katherine Eckstrom, Bohemia USA, US (Chlap Kvitko)

Dann Wilson and Karsten Kaemling, Alchemy Cesky Terriers, Canada (Alchemy Milenka's Banco)

Roswitha Wick, Von Guensburg Kennel, US (Photo by Lubos Palounek, Von Guensburg's Serena's Song)

Jitka Paulinova, Kvitko Kennels, Czech Republic (Photos by Charlene Ewen of Palava Kvitko and "Rose" being groomed by Jitka from the 2000 Symposium in the Czech Republic, and Orest Kvitko)

Charlene and Gary Ewen, Windrush Terriers, US (Windrush puppy photo)

Richard Cotter, Overture Cesky Terriers, US (Photos of Mr. Horak with his dogs at Kennel Lovu Zdar)



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