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Neck, Shoulders, Forequarters



Review the photos below, which exemplify the characteristics of the Cesky neck, shoulders and forequarters outlined in the breed standard.

Neck is medium long and quite strong.  It is set rather high on the withers and carried on a slant. 

Shoulders are muscular.

The Cesky is groomed so that the chest bone appears prominent.

Note the elegant yet muscular appearance of the neck and shoulders on this handsome Cesky.


Cantabile Miro


Forelegs should be straight, well-boned and parallel. While the legs are never perfectly straight, they should not be excessively bowed and the feet should neither turn in nor out.  Feel the boning under the coat and evaluate during movement as well.  The forelegs should have a straight forward motion when the dog is gaited.

Elbows are somewhat loose, positioned alongside, rather than under, the body.  They should not turn in or out.

Note the lovely front, neck and shoulders on this female.

Alchemy Milenka's Banco "BeBe"


Forefeet are large with well arched toes.  Nails are strong and may be any color. Front feet are noticeably larger and more rounded than rear feet.  Pads are well developed and thick. Multiple Ch. Resinous Never a Dull Moment


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