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Coat, Grooming


Review the photos below, which exemplify the characteristics of the Cesky coat and grooming as outlined in the breed standard.

Coat is long, fine but firm, slightly wavy with a silky gloss.  It is not overly abundant and dogs with thick furnishings should not be favored over dogs with moderate furnishings.  This dog illustrates the beautiful, silky coat of a Cesky in wonderful condition.  Note the slight wave and silky gloss.

INT/Multiple Ch. Cantabile Miro

The Cesky Terrier is groomed with clippers (never hand stripped).   The transition between clipped and unclipped areas should be pleasing to the eye and never abrupt. 

Coat is left long on the lower parts of the legs and under the chest and belly


Jitka Paulinove Grooming Rose at the 2000 Symposium

In show condition the coat on the upper side of the neck, on the shoulders and on the back is left longer, but should not be longer than 1/2 - 3/4 inch.  The sides of the body and tail should be shorter.  Lower shoulder to the  elbows, thighs and around the vent should be clipped close.  INT/Multiple Ch. Yasinia Boheme van Bodasca


At the forepart of the head the hair is left long, forming a fall (brow) and beard.

Coat should be quite short on the ears, cheeks, at the lower side of the neck.


INT/Multiple Ch. Sotnosars Ladislava


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