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Review the photos below, which exemplify the characteristics of the Cesky head outlined in the breed standard.


Ideally, the skull should be 8 inches long for males and 7 inches for females.  Note that it is not overly broad between the ears (ideal being 4 inches for males and 3 for females).

It tapers moderately toward the supraorbital ridges.  The occipital protuberance is easy to palpate.  Cheek bones are not too prominent.

 The stop is not accentuated, but is apparent. Nasal bridge is straight.  Because of the fall of hair, you must use your hands to check these features.

Palava Kvitko

Nose is dark and well developed, black on grey-blue dogs and liver colored on light-coffee brown dogs. 

Ears  are medium size, drop ears that cover the ear opening.  Note that they are set on  rather high and lay flat along the cheeks.

They are shaped like a triangle, with the shortest side of the triangle at the fold of the ear.

Jaws and teeth are strong.  Bite may be scissors or level.  The dog should have full dentition (the absence of the 2 M3 in the lower jaw should not be penalized).  Teeth are rather large for a small dog.

Lips are relatively thick, and close against the gums. 

Ridley Iza
Eyes are of medium size, slightly deep set, with a friendly expression.  They are visible in profile, but  well covered by a fall of hair from the front.

Eye color is brown or dark brown in grey-blue coated dogs, light brown in light-coffee-brown dogs. Eyelids are black in grey-blue dogs, liver-colour in light-coffee-brown dogs.

The skin at the throat is somewhat loose, but without forming a dewlap.


Laska Kvitko


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