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Hindquarters, Tail

Review the photos below, which exemplify the characteristics of the Cesky hindquarters and tail carriage as outlined in the breed standard.

Hind legs are strong,  well-angulated and muscular.  They should be parallel when viewed from the rear, with hocks neither turned in nor out.  The grooming accentuates the well developed upper thigh muscle.

The lower thigh is short.

The hock joint is strongly developed and set relatively high.

Hind feet are smaller than the front feet.  They are more oval in shape than the front feet as well.


Cantabile Mitzi


 Tail is ideally 7-8 inches long.  Note that it is set relatively low.  It should be strong and sturdy since, as with most terriers, it may act as a handle to remove a dog in trouble from a burrow.  At rest it hangs downward, usually reaching just below the hock, and has a slight upward bend at the tip.   


INT/Multiple Ch. Sotnosar's Chyba


When alert, the tail is carried sabre shaped, horizontally or higher, as shown here.  

In movement, the tail may be carried down, horizontal or higher, but the base should never be angled over the back and the tail should not curl against the back.

Ridley Hadka

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