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Body, Topline


Review the photos below, which exemplify the characteristics of the Cesky body and topline as outlined in the breed standard.

Body is oblong in shape. 

Back is strong and of medium length, with the ideal being 17 inches for males and 15 inches for females.  

Topline is not level as the loins and rump are always slightly arched. 


Nadia Boheme van Bodasca


The withers are not overly pronounced.

Hip bones are often slightly higher than the withers.

Orest Kvitko


Loins are relatively long, muscular, broad and slightly rounded. 

Ribs are well sprung.

Rump is strongly developed and muscular, with the pelvis slanting moderately. 



Alfa Melina Bohemica


Chest is more cylindrical than deep.  Note that chest does NOT extend down well below the elbows as in some other short-legged breeds.

Girth (measured behind the elbows) should ideally be 17 inches for males and 17 inches for females. 

Belly is ample with a slight tuck up and flanks are well filled.


Cantabile Penelope "Ella"


Neck is carried at a slant and attached rather high on the withers.  Note the smooth, pleasing line from the neck to the withers.

Overall appearance is one of a rectangular dog, long bodied and short legged in moderation,  without being squat looking.  The Cesky should appear balanced and athletic, sturdy and muscular, without being coarse and with a sense of elegance.

Pendevour Dion

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