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Read the history of the breed below.  As you do so, consider why the breed evolved, the job it was intended to perform, and start to form your idea of the characteristics of a dog suited to this function.  We will discuss form and function in greater detail later in the tutorial.


The Cesky Terrier, sometimes referred to as a Bohemian Terrier or Czech Terrier, is a relatively new breed.  The breed was developed by Mr. Frantisek Horak, a Czechoslovakian geneticist.  Sadly, Mr. Horak passed away in 1996, but during his lifetime he developed 2 breeds of dogs:  the Czech Piebald Dog and our beloved Cesky Terrier.  He began developing the Cesky breed in 1949 and the Piebald in 1954. 

Mr. Horak grooming one of his Cesky Terriers

Mr. Horak at his kennel in the Czech Republic


Mr. Horak was a Scotty and Sealyham breeder.  Most terriers were bred to "go to ground," which involves locating or following burrowing animals into their holes.  This task requires a small but courageous dog.  

Mr. Horak wanted a game dog that could go to ground and not "get stuck" as his Scotties sometimes did, but one that was more amenable to other dogs than most terriers so they could be used to hunt in groups.  


Mr. Horak with one of his Cesky Terriers

Mr. Horak with one of his Cesky Terriers

Mr. Horak believed that crossing a Sealyham and a Scotty could produce the type of dog he wanted.   He kept extremely detailed records of his breeding program, so unlike many breeds, the history of the Cesky is extremely well documented.  His breed gained popularity, particularly with hunters. 

The Cesky is the most successful of the national breeds in the Czech Republic, and has been featured on stamps, buses, on television, in books, and even in a movie.  Despite a temporary ban on exporting the breed from Czechoslovakia, the breed has still managed to become quite popular in Europe and is now becoming well known in the U.K., Canada and the U.S.  

Important Dates

1949  Mr. Horak did the first breeding of a Scotty and a Sealyham.

1963  The Cesky was recognized by the FCI 

1980s  Mr. Horak decided that the breed needed some new blood, so, with the FCIs permission a Sealyham was bred back into the breed twice, in 1984, and again in 1985.  

2000  The Cesky was recognized by the Canadian Kennel Club as a full-fledged member of the terrier group. 


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