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Breed Profile:

Cesky Vital Statistics

By Deborah Stevenson


WeeToons Jespah owned by Deb Stevenson


Description: The Cesky Terrier is a small but sturdy, rectangular terrier with short legs, drop-ears, long coat and a big heart. Calm, responsive and devoted, the Cesky makes a wonderful family pet in a wide range of living situations. The Cesky is less aggressive with other dogs, less independent, and more eager to please than many terrier breeds.

Height: 10 - 12 1/2 inches

Weight: 13 - 22 lbs.

Colors: Blue-gray (ranging from silver to dark charcoal). Some are a uniform color, while others have lighter markings (pale gray, yellow or cream) on the face and extremities. Some white markings are permissible, but the basic color must predominate. Puppies are born black and lighten over time. This process can take up to 3 years. Light-coffee-brown (with puppies born chocolate brown) is possible, but this color is extremely rare.

Coat: Soft, slightly wavy, with a silky gloss and not overly thick. The Cesky Terrier is always clipped (with clippers), never hand stripped as many terriers are. A fall of hair largely covers the eyes and the Cesky sports a beard. The cheeks, ears and tail are clipped close, the body is slightly longer, and the hair is left long on the lower sides, belly and legs.

Temperament: A balanced, non-aggressive, pleasant and cheerful companion, who is anxious to please and easy to train. The Cesky can be somewhat reserved towards strangers, but is devoted and loving with his family and those he knows. The Cesky is calm and has a kind disposition.

Suitable With Children: Yes. Cesky Terriers seem to have a natural affinity for children, especially if raised with them, and make playful and loving companions. As with any animal, supervision is important when young children and dogs interact.

Suitable With Other Pets: Yes. Unlike many terriers, Ceskys were bred to hunt in groups and tend to enjoy the company of other dogs. Most also get along well with cats and other pets.

Special Skills: Originally bred to "go to ground" after the usual fare (vermin, fox, badger, etc.), today most commonly a family companion.

Watch-dog: Very High

Guard-dog: Low

Care and Exercise: Brushing/combing 1-2 times a week. Clipping every 6-8 weeks. Cesky Terriers are non-shedding, so regular grooming is required to keep the coat mat-free. Clean the corner of the eyes frequently and remove excess hair from the ear canal during bi-monthly grooming/clipping session. Trim hair between foot pads and keep nails clipped regularly. Because they love food, exercise is helpful to maintain a healthy weight. However exercise requirements are easily met with a daily walk or game of fetch.

The Cesky is a very responsive dog that is sensitive and anxious to please. Many are naturally obedient. Most are far too soft-tempered for harsh training methods. Positive, consistent training is much more effective. Because they love to eat, food stealing is often the most difficult behavior problem to correct.

Learning Rate: Medium

Activity: Medium. Active and playful outdoors, mellow and quiet in the house.

Living Environment: Can thrive in an apartment or in the country, as long as he is close to the people he loves. Because of his strong desire to be with his family, the Cesky should always be a house dog (i.e., not kept outside or kenneled excessively).

Health Issues: Usually very healthy and robust. Because of the Scottie in it's background, a condition known as Scottie Cramp is possible, but not prevalent in the breed. Not prone to back problems as are many of the long bodied, short legged breeds.

Life Span: 10 - 15 Years

Litter Size:
2 - 6

Country of Origin: Czech Republic

Class: Terrier

Registries: CKC, FCI, UKC, KCGB

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