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    Health and Veterinary Care

The Cesky Terrier is generally a healthy and robust breed, not prone to any breed specific health problems.† There have been some rare reports of a condition known as "Scotty Cramp," but fortunately this is not too prevalent in the Cesky. 

Because of the way the Cesky is groomed (the fall of hair that hangs over the eyes) and itís proximity to the ground, it is important to keep the eyes clean and watch out for eye irritation.†

When you get your puppy, it should have already had itís first vaccinations and any other necessary medical care (such as deworming).  Most breeders also have dewclaws removed.† You should receive a certificate of health, including a vaccination record, and specific information on feeding.†

Schedule an appointment with your vet as soon as possible after you get your new pup (it is best to do this within 48 hours).† Be sure to provide the vet with prior healthcare records from your breeder.† Your vet can confirm that the pup is in good health, review a vaccination schedule for the first year, and provide you with valuable information on nutrition, healthcare, preventive measures (such as heartworm and parasite prevention) and training.† If you purchase a pet puppy, you will also want to discuss when to spay or neuter.

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