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    Male or Female?
Choosing the Gender of Your Puppy

If you are purchasing a pet puppy, gender is primarily a matter of personal preference.† Some people have always had male dogs and prefer them.† Others prefer female dogs.† Either sex makes a wonderful pet.†

In some breeds, gender has a noticeable impact on characteristics (size, temperament, etc.).† This is not the case with the Cesky.  Both sexes are affectionate and loving and the size difference between males and females is not significant.† The males are sometimes more outgoing and may be a bit more active and mature more slowly than the females.† However the temperament of the parents is a better indicator than gender in predicting personality.† Neutering is a must for a pet Cesky and will help reduce unwanted gender specific behaviors in both sexes, as well as benefiting your dogís long term health.

If you intend to breed and show, the sex of your puppy may become a more important factor.† Unspayed females go into heat twice a year and can be messy and moody during this time.† In addition, you should consider whether you want to take on the work, responsibility and expense of raising a litter.†

Males who are not neutered may lift a leg in the house (to mark their territory) and be more aggressive with other male dogs and even with people.† Having a stud dog is more than just "advertise and they will come."† The Cesky is relatively rare in this country still, and the likelihood that females will be knocking down your door to be bred to your stud is pretty slim.† In addition, it is usually the stud owner that supervises the breeding.† You must be able to determine when the female is ready to be bred and be prepared to house and care for females during the time they are with you for breeding.† If the female is not local, which is common with this breed, there may be trips to the airport and to the vet.†

Breeding dogs is a wonderful and rewarding thing, but it does require knowledge and commitment and should be considered carefully before undertaking it.† Talk to some breeders (they donít have to be Cesky breeders) and understand what is involved before you make your decision.

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