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    Your New Puppy:  Tips for a Good Start

  • Do your homework!  Read all you can before your puppy arrives.  This site provides some basic information on Grooming, Feeding, Health and Veterinary Care, and Housebreaking and the Use of Crates. Your breeder or veterinarian can recommend additional resources.
  • Select your breeder carefully.  He or she should be a resource for you for the lifetime of your Cesky, so choose someone you feel comfortable with and can talk to easily.  
    • If possible, visit the breeder's home and see the dogs, including the parents of your puppy.  The dogs should look healthy and well cared for, and the area where they are kept should be clean.  If a breeder is reluctant to let you visit his or her home, this should be a red flag. 
    • Make a list of the questions you have so you donít forget, and expect to answer questions about yourself and your lifestyle in return.  A good breeder wants to ensure that each puppy is placed in the best possible home for that animal.  Be as honest as possible, as your answers will help the breeder match you with the puppy that best fits your needs and situation.  
    • Expect to sign a contract that provides for the well being of the puppy for itís lifetime.  Review it in advance (the hectic day when you pick up your puppy is not the best time) and be sure you understand it and are comfortable with it. 
  • Have a plan before your puppy arrives.  Where will she sleep?  What will he eat?  What is the schedule for feeding and housebreaking?  Where will you confine him when you are not able to watch him?  Where in the house is off limits?  How will you train her?  Thinking things through before hand will help ensure a smooth transition. 
  • Try to keep a consistent routine.  Ask the breeder about the pupís current routine, diet, etc., and try to change as little as possible for the first few weeks.   Leaving mom and siblings and familiar surroundings is traumatic, and the more familiar you can make things, the less traumatic it will be.  Make all changes gradually.
  • Take your pup to the vet within the first 2 days for a checkup.  Be sure to bring the health information provided by your breeder.  Your vet will need this for the puppyís records
  • Anticipate an adjustment period.  Donít be surprised if your puppy cries the first few nights while making the adjustment to being apart from littermates and mom.  Ask the breeder to provide you with a towel or toy that "smells" like home.  This may help the puppy feel more at ease.
  • Avoid exposure to diseases.  Try to keep your puppy away from areas where other dogs have been until he or she has had at least 2 sets of vaccinations.  If you have a fenced yard or private area, you can begin housebreaking outside.  If not, you may want to continue using newspaper indoors until the second vaccine is given.  Please read the information provided on housebreaking and crate training.
  • Puppy proof your home.  Puppies love to chew electrical cords, small objects on the floor, etc.  Provide safe, acceptable things to chew (toys, Gum-a-bones, etc.)  Ceskys have a tendency to destroy and eat toys.  This can cause dangerous intestinal blockages,  so it is wise to remove toys when you cannot watch the pup.  Watch out for bedding materials as well.  Keep your puppy in a confined area where you can watch him/her.  If you canít watch, keep the pup in a crate or other enclosure where he/she will be safe.  Never leave the puppy alone on a counter, table, couch or crate.  Always keep him/her on a lead unless you are in a confined area.
  • Contact your breeder if you have a question or problem with your puppy.  Most breeders are always anxious to hear how the puppies are progressing, and a photo, call or letter periodically is greatly appreciated.
  • Enjoy your new baby!  With lots of love and proper care, he or she will be your devoted and faithful friend for many years to come.

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