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    Housebreaking and Use of Crates

The key to effectively housebreaking is
consistency.† A young puppy doesnít have that much control over itís bodily functions, so for the first few months your success will depend largely on how well you train yourself.†

Puppies generally need to eliminate when they first awaken and after eating, so be sure to take the puppy out at these times.† Take the puppy to itís designated bathroom spot often in the beginning, and when he eliminates, use lots of praise.†

When the puppy does have an accident in the house, be sure to clean it thoroughly so he isnít drawn to that spot the next time.† The enzyme based products like Natureís Miracle work well to eliminate odors and are available in pet stores.† Punishing after the fact is more confusing than helpful to a puppy.† Should you catch him "in the act," firmly say "NO" and then take him outside to the designated spot.† If you are consistent, he will soon get the idea.

Note: It is helpful to withhold water a few hours before bedtime.† This will help the puppy make it through the night.

A crate can be the single most valuable aid in housebreaking your puppy.† When you cannot supervise your puppy, put him in his crate.† Used properly, crates are not cruel, and they ensure that your puppy is safe when you canít look after him.† In fact, the crate quickly becomes the dog's special place.† Over time, you will find that the dog goes to his crate by himself when he needs to "get away from it all."† This becomes his "den" and he will not want to soil the area where he sleeps.† To reduce accidents, always take the pup out when he first comes out of his crate, before you give him free run.†

Important Note:If you force the puppy to eliminate in the crate by leaving him longer than it is possible to wait, you will eventually destroy his instinct not to soil his den, and heíll be much harder to housebreak.

†Crates are also useful if you travel or take your dog on day trips.† You can bring the crate along and your dog will have a safe place that feels like home.†

Adult Cesky Terriers are generally comfortable in a size 200 Varikennel or size 250 Furrari crate.† Keep in mind when purchasing a crate, that the kind with clips or dials rather than screws are a little more expensive, but are much easier to take apart and clean.†

†Some prefer wire crates, and there are advantages and disadvantages.† Wire crates are airier and you can see the puppy more easily.† On the other hand, they can be drafty, donít provide the secure feeling of an enclosed space and can be tedious to clean in the event of an accident.† Also for an adult male who lifts his leg to urinate Ė well you get the picture. Crates can be purchased in a local or online pet supply store or through most of the pet catalogs.

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